Saturday, February 6, 2010

film executive!

when it comes to movies, george harrison's credits (other than music) are a bit strange. i think the man had quirky taste. he was my favorite beatle and i was 'george' in my beatle group of friends, my choice definitely influenced by a photo on the back of the 'rubber soul' record. how i wanted to be george's patti boyd! when her book came out a few years ago i was less envious.
gorgeous music aside, george produced 26 films. one of the great ones is neil jordan's 'mona lisa.' one of the other ones is the madonna vehicle 'shanghai surprise.' five seconds is quite enough.
all said, even if the majority of his forays into film were not to my taste, i will never regret making a ceramic statue of him in junior high.

photo: george ponders dylan, another musical giant whose film choices have been odd.


nipper said...

"The Adventures of Baron Munchausen" was a wonderful/ fun film produced and introduced by sweet george! one of my wacky faves.

Mon said...

Interesting. I hadn't realised he had made so many.

chuckling at the cermaic statue...
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