Sunday, February 7, 2010

the eyes have it

claire foy. not a particularly familiar name, yet. the bbc dramatization of 'little dorrit' did so well at this years emmy's and as it was claire who had the title role, i am sure she is poised for big screen pastures. from an interview at the time of 'little dorrit': 'I'm fairly domestic. I love baking and I'd like to own nice crockery and things. But then, how can you justify going and spending £50 on some plates when you can buy them for £1 at Ikea?' perhaps the role of a daughter growing up with a penniless father in debtor's prison had an affect.

also: 'Tom Courtenay told me that the last actress who played Little Dorrit - Sarah Pickering - never worked again. Well, think of that!' tom courtenay is my favorite sourpuss.

claire was stunning as 'amy dorrit' and it is going to be fun to see what she does in the future.

photos: a very expensive tweed dress that was surely only on loan for the shoot/'little dorrit' chic

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