Saturday, October 3, 2009


naturally, this charming word is french. as in all translations, one can only try to convey the meaning. 'liveliness' comes close. i recently read a book entitled, 'what french women know' by debra ollivier. she is one of several americans who spent years in france. it seems that it is not so easy to comprehend just how different french people are from americans. as i love paris i thought i would read up. one of the most fascinating qualities is bound up in that little word, 'esprit.' my dear friend genevieve hails from the south of france so over the years i have been aware of her inherent 'frenchiness.' the fact that she extends her pinkie fingers while using both a knife and fork (at the same time!) is but one difference between us. the study is long and much labored over but 'esprit' is definitely worth investigating.

francoise dorleac was the embodiment of 'esprit' in truffaut's lovely film, 'la peau douce' (the soft skin)/so many books written by foreigners trying to crack the code that french women are born knowing.


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