Monday, September 21, 2009

seeing red

there is a glorious rainbow that consists of only shades of red. when it comes to oil painting, my personal favorite is called cadmium deep. from sunsets to strawberries, the emotionally charged color is so beautifully varied and yummy.

from top: polish director krzysztof kieslowski's 'red'/picasso's red period/kurt cobain's magenta period/powdered pigments for india's 'holi' festival/film version of 'the red shoes'/parisian macaroons

1 comment:

nipper said...

is red not the most visual variation in the rainbow! the red color scheme... what a cascade!
is it because we have evolved in the natural selection of adapation and thus blessed, that we have the gift of retinal visual fields! and being vertical in posture against the earths strong gravitational pull from the our interplanetary romeos? makes me feel lucky and more appreciative of the world around us. three cheers for the color red!