Wednesday, September 23, 2009


the beautiful name 'camille' brings two people to mind: the great garbo who immortalized the character in the 1936 film, 'camille' which was based on the novel by dumas and the french sculptor camille claudel. both garbo's performance in the film and claudel's work are stunning, charming, and full of women's wisdom and sensitivity. while walking the tiny island in paris, l'ile st louis, you come across a plaque dedicated to claudel. it gives one a shiver thinking she was once inside that building chiseling away at stone until her vision emerged.
camille claudel was the student/love of sculptor auguste rodin. their story was made into film in 1988 starring gerard depardieu and isabelle adjani.

photos: garbo as the fictional 'camille'/camille claudel/isabelle adjani/claudel works of art

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