Monday, September 21, 2009

it was nirvana

as a band, 'nirvana' had incredible chemistry. when i first heard the record 'nevermind' i just stopped painting and stared at the speakers. that is a very good experience. the 1994 documentary 'live!tonight!soldout!!' is super. it really is good to see kurt, dave, and krist playful, sarcastic, and shining.

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nipper said...

how tragic, but how profound! kurt felt his pain and shared it through words and music and then just got tapped out and the shell had a void to large to fill with any healthy input so thus the cycles goes...the cost of fame by bearing your soul for fame...fame he will always have but so sad the fame could not fill the void. i love kurt's version of bowies 'the man who sold the world' how ironic. transactional give and take.