Friday, August 7, 2009

the good mother

a nice way to begin my own mother's birthday is by reading about the great actress anna magnani:

born March 7, 1908, Rome, Italy
died September 26, 1973, Rome
Italian actress, best known for her forceful portrayals of earthy, working-class women.

Born out of wedlock, Magnani never knew her father and was deserted by her mother. She was reared by her maternal grandparents in a Roman slum. She briefly attended the Academy of Dramatic Art in Rome before joining a touring repertory company. As an entertainer in Roman nightclubs, she specialized in bawdy street songs and in vaudeville. She made her film debut in La cieca di Sorrento (1934; The Blind Woman of Sorrento). When she appeared in Roberto Rossellini’s classic Neorealist film Roma città aperta (1945; Open City), she achieved international renown. (courtesy giancarletto)

if there is one thing i thank scorsese for it is bringing 'mamma roma' to ny. director pasolini's stunning/tragic 1962 film is yet another brilliant showcase of this actresses extraordinary gift.

photos: magnani exhibit poster/scene form 'mamma roma.'

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nipper said...

happy birthday ms. grand shazar, a leo who gave birth to a friendly aquarius!!