Thursday, August 6, 2009

have pity

it has been years since i saw 'tess' on the big screen. it was just so beautiful. at long last, i have seen it again in the comfort of home. it was still beautiful, plus i got to watch roman polanski talk about his experience directing it.
it is both easy and not easy to describe nastassja kinski. it is like trying to describe a deer. i know she received lots of coaching to turn her german accent into one of an english country girl, but she always sounds like herself. i gave up hoping she would sound like the other actresses in the film.
the story of 'tess' is painful like 'anna karenina' is painful. these are perhaps two of the very best examples of women being slighted no matter which way they turn. family, men, and eventually society turn their backs on them. what polanski did was offer us a very gorgeous three hours to follow novelist thomas hardy's heroine's footsteps to her ultimate doom. as one of the main features of this young woman is a beauty beyond all the others, it could only be nastassja in the very moving role.

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