Tuesday, August 18, 2009

shine a light

classic literature will uplift the spirit. one of the greatest examples of the power of serious storytelling is charles dickens.

he lived in london during the reign of queen victoria and his descriptions of real life are unparalleled. the conditions of the poor, the conceit of the rich, and the absolute willingness to deprive an individual of their rightful inheritance are main themes for this writer. if he were a painter i would be able to say that he captured individuals in colors of a deeper hue. the word 'caricature' seems to have been born from his pen.

images: charles dickens (1812-1870)/The watercolor, Dickens' Dream, showing the author surrounded by the characters he created, was done after Dickens death in 1870. Artist Robert Buss himself did not live to complete the painting/early printing of 'little dorrit'

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relevant posthumously font for the dickens....ms. shazar...'more'