Tuesday, August 18, 2009

perfectly darling

every time i think of the pressure that was laid on judy garland i feel my heart go crack. for one person to be a knockout singer, great actress, beloved performer, sincere t.v. host, mom, wife.... well, it is a crying shame. as a teen she was encouraged to take diet pills. as an adult she seriously self medicated. could it be that all she ever needed to hear from her parents was that she was just right?

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nipper said...

alas, this pattern continues in our society. we continue to suppress and deny that this is a mystery that know of us are victims of...

introverted behavior becomes extroverted in need for self validation!
can not imagine the pressure she endured for unrealistic expectations projected upon her from the movie and music industry. her talent was just to big and boundless. just not marketable for profit to the select few.