Tuesday, July 14, 2009

a pinch of hitch

hulu is very cool to have all the alfred hitchcock television series' available. the hour long shows are surely more detailed but the shorter 'hitchcock presents' are even more fun. plus, at night they have no commercials.
i have to share 1959's 'touche' simply for the one scene i photographed. it is just a classic moment frozen in time, the time being 1959!
the art direction fills me with joy:
long cigarette holder
roaring fire
silk kimono style dress
san fernando valley decor!
sabres on the wall (well, the title is 'touche.' you know where this is going)

this little gem stars paul douglas, the brute of a guy who made some great films including 'clash by night' with barbara stanwyck. his rival here is actor hugh marlowe. even though hugh was in one of the best films ever made, 'all about eve', i just never really get him. he is so..... mild. i need an actor to tell me what to think.

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