Tuesday, July 14, 2009

upon reflection

last night i was listening to the commentary that accompanies 'midnight mary', one of the films in the third offering of pre-code hollywood movies. i liked the film alright but i had no idea it was considered a major work until i heard the commenters flipping over it. in this 1933 tale of a good girl who accumulates misfortunes till they propel her into a world of gangsters, i thought the main kick was the fact that designer adrian did the costumes. i love adrian. so, i was hearing all sorts of fun stuff that didn't have too much to do with the film.

fun fact number 1: actress loretta young began working at four years of age! so, by the time she did this movie she was a very experienced 19.
fun fact number 2: suave actor franchot tone came from serious theatre. when he began to make hollywood 'fluff' he always made sure his theatre pals had enough funds to do their plays.
fun fact number 3: some of the men i never heard of before had worked with garbo.

the commenters said plenty without mentioning adrian, maybe cause they knew i would.

photo: is this woman not incredibly stunning and timelessly modern?

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nipper said...

you can say that again! muscle tee w/o a brasserie! how risque and unconventional for the time.