Tuesday, July 14, 2009

desert island dvd dame

if someone said i could only bring one female movie great to a desert island it would be GLORIA GRAHAME. why there are not 100 films available with her spicing up every scene i will never understand.
when warren beatty spoke of annette benning's charms he included her wonderful lispy voice. lispy? gloria owns the word.


nipper said...

wow! pal, ms. grahame must really be something if you opted to have her on a desert island instead of julie christy, greta garbo and kim stanley.

i am looking at this photo of sweetness and ruffles of the vanity table that speaks so softly then lo and behold, she is holding a revolver!

pal shazar said...

she is absolutely unique.

nitramnaed said...

She was 150% woman!!!!!!