Thursday, March 26, 2009

mick as the man

i grew up on the stones. mick is still one of my favorite singers. no one delivers un homme amoureux quite like him.
the film 'the man from elysian fields' sort of snuck in under the radar. the entire cast, including andy garcia and anjelica huston (gosh, imagine her experiences: daughter of director john huston, swinging sixties, girlfriend of nicholson) is super. actor james coburn is and has always been an amazing and lovable monster. one true surprise is our mr. jagger.
mick plays a man who runs a male escort service. he wants to give that life up and settle with his love, played by anjelica. she actually laughs in his face. it is a very sad moment that he handles very well. there's lots more to this story of a writer wishing to succeed for his family and opting for employment at the agency. it is a really good film.

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