Thursday, March 26, 2009

you will not be prepared

a theatre critic wrote: 'if you've never seen 'who's afraid of virginia woolf', don't talk to me for we have nothing in common.' that is pretty funny yet pretty true. it has been said that god does not give us what we cannot handle. this film comes very close to questioning those words.
i first saw this mind blower by chance on t.v. in england. i think i just shook my bewildered head the whole time. i was thinking, can this be happening? how do people become this? 
elizabeth more than deserved her oscar, even if she was like this in real life. richard burton, true gentleman, explained why he did not receive one. sandy dennis and george segal play the two young guests who have been invited back to 'george' and 'martha's' after party. when the film begins, everyone has already had so much to drink that when they immediately start pouring more you can't believe it. the fun/truth begins. 
it is one of the most brilliant movies ever made. it was the debut as film director for mike nichols. every moment will leave an imprint on your mind and afterwards, when someone new tells you they love this movie, you'll feel as if you'll be friends for life.

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nipper said...

one of the greatest films ever!!! the longest night in history. tempered and melodramatic to the nth degree. richard burton's mild mannered whipping boy persona was a masterpiece which showcased how prestige and scholarly achievements can protect and provide armor to protect oneself from years of suppressed feelings of inadequate feeling's of self worth. the middle-age crisis of integrity versus self actualization. ms. taylor must of had fun feeling the power of cruel words and actions to break down and expose humility to diminished the expectations of the up and coming next generations view of academic stature.