Tuesday, March 24, 2009

this ain't no disco

once in a while i love a film that i would not suggest others see. watching 'disco pigs' is not an easy experience.
even though the direction is artful and the story of two mixed up teens is a familiar subject, there is a very strong violent streak running through 'pig', played by cillian murphy, which is tolerated by his childhood sweetheart, 'runt', beautifully acted by elaine cassidy. as an actor, cillian can do no wrong in my eyes, but his willingness to appear in violent movies alienates me. this is one of those films where the overall artistic flavor tempers some scenes that would otherwise be too rough.
the child actors who portray 'pig' and 'runt' in flashback are absolutely precious and you lean on the memory of them during the teenage versions when the flip outs occur. the tender moments are brave and naked.
this film is not a happy experience but the acting is very beautiful.

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