Monday, March 19, 2012

far from plain

when people tell me they love the movie' night of the hunter' i just about walk out the door. guess i am not a 'cult' type. still, both shelley winters and robert mitchum signed up to do it so what do i know? i guess i know what i like. how anyone can even mention mitchum without talking about 1947's 'out of the past' beats me. it was his best role. he had his most memorable line which was used as the title for his biography, 'baby, i don't care.'

why was that line so good in the noir classic? because he was looking into the eyes of the tiniest bad girl to ever hit the screen. (three years later another tiny psycho tuna would appear. that would be peggy cummins in 'gun crazy.')

jane greer had 47 screen credits, one of the last being 'twin peaks.' regarding the femme fatale of all time i hand her the crown for her performance opposite mitchum. as 'kathie moffet 'she was such a flipping LIAR. plus, she took a slap in the face from kirk douglas like nobody's business. test of a great actress!

as my dad would say, she was 'a living doll.'

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