Monday, March 19, 2012

ave ava!

ava gardner was absolutely gorgeous. i love her in the film 'east side west side.' it is a not too big film that you get when you buy a barbara stanwyck box set. in that she is WICKED and ridiculously beautiful. when she turns around to reveal her back in a backless gown you actually gasp.

by the time she made the classic 'the night of the iguana' (1964) she possibly had poured too many shots over the years. still, she was terrific opposite richard burton and deborah kerr. that is a great movie.

in a very early picture called 'whistle stop' (pretty lame) her beauty is kinda crazy. she was a true statue come to life. i think her most glorious role as far as capturing her essence might be 'mogambo.' that movie looks like it was shot by the photographer paul outerbridge.

her autobiography was fun. ava liked to drink and party. sinatra never severed his allegiance to her. she wrangled to help him get his role in 'from here to eternity.' he won an oscar for that one. i always dug frankie the actor.

ava seemed like a real dyed in the wool dame. i feel her peers really must have really liked her, no matter how rough her hangovers may have been.

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