Wednesday, December 28, 2011

un homme

'Raised in and around automobile racing, Jean-Louis Trintignant was the natural choice of film director Claude Lelouch for the starring role of race car driver in his film Un homme et une femme/A Man and A Woman (1966, Claude Lelouch). Trintignant was Рand still is - good friends with actress Anouk Aim̩e. He recommended her to Lelouch for the female lead in the film. Un homme et une femme became an art-house classic, and at the time it was the most successful French film ever screened in the foreign market.'

i adore this guy. brigitte bardot is the famous one from 'and god created woman' but it was the slap she received from her husband (played by jean-louis) that created the loudest echo. he is now making a film with the great (and ageless) isabelle huppert.

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