Friday, December 30, 2011

natalie's eyes

i watched 'inside daisy clover' again the other night. natalie's huge chocolate eyes still amaze me. it is nutty that she played a fifteen year old when she was twenty seven. still, she was tiny and those eyes convinced you to suspend disbelief. i love the film. andre previn's music is dark and beautiful. his wife dory wrote the lyrics to the songs i danced to when i watched this film on t.v. in the sixties.

robert redford plays a malcontent and is really good, even a bit scary. christopher plummer is plummy. teeny ruth gordon is magnificent as 'daisy's' mom. the outdoor scenes were filmed where i grew up in santa monica, along the pier where i roamed. blessedly, the carousel is still there.

this isn't exactly the story of my life but there's a chance that when i first saw it i imagined it could be. i sure sang the hell out of 'you're gonna hear from me.'

terrific movie.

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