Wednesday, October 19, 2011

the look of rampling

as a teen i tore out a picture of julie christie wearing a dress from her new movie 'petulia' and put it on my wall. i thought julie was 'it' and i wished that dress was in my closet. there's always been something innately stylish about christie, even if she may never have thought of herself in that light. in 1965 she won the oscar for her portrayal of 'model' diana scott in 'darling.' her co- star was dirk bogarde. they were both fantastic. the film is iconic.

soon another british 'it' girl by the name of charlotte rampling came upon the scene. she was impossibly gorgeous in 1966's 'georgy girl', but the character she played aroused zero sympathy. nine years later dirk bogarde made another iconic film called 'the night porter' with charlotte as his co-star. the scene of her wearing suspenders, a hat, and little else still inspires fashion.

there is a new documentary coming out called 'charlotte rampling: the look (a self-portrait through others)'. i wish it contained a conversation between her and julie. they could discuss the wonderful dirk. they could lament how women were portrayed in hollywood. they could touch one another's still beautiful faces and trace a delicate wrinkle with a fingertip and smile at how they were able to be actresses without betraying themselves.

charlotte has 97 screen credits and four films in production. she recently posed nude inside the louvre museum. julie has 53 screen credits and two in production. the trailer for the rampling documentary looks interesting and i'm sure i will enjoy seeing it. there is no way on earth julie christie would ever participate in one about herself. thanks to her modesty i will be spared standing in the rain in a line around the block to see it, cause that's what i would do if i had to.

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very endearing and insightful pal