Saturday, October 22, 2011

happy birthday

sixteen months after the birth of the terrific olivia de havilland, a little sister came to join the family. to the future dismay of olivia, kid sister joan didn't exactly steal her thunder (as joan had plenty of her own) but for their own reasons the sisters developed a life long feud. they haven't spoken for decades. today would be a good day to make up. it is joan's 95 birthday.

both these girls were born in tokyo but due to joan's poor health their parents moved to the united states, the country where kids never get sick!

it's time to watch 'rebecca' or 'suspicion' again. hitchcock adored joan and took a chance on casting her, then an unknown, in 'rebecca.' joan was super and hitchcock cast her again in 'suspicion' whereby she won the oscar for best actress. i love watching both actresses. even if i should get an oscar for watching olivia's 'the heiress' more times than anyone on earth, i have a particular fondness for her kid sister.

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nipper said...

wow! the big 95. happy birthday to that gorgeous dame joan.