Wednesday, August 10, 2011

the publicity of pain

'Blanche, Augustine, and Geneviève found themselves in the hysteria ward of the Salpetrière Hospital in 1870s Paris, where their care was directed by the prominent neurologist Jean-Martin Charcot. They became medical celebrities: every week, eager crowds arrived at the hospital to observe their symptoms; they were photographed, sculpted, painted, and transformed into characters in novels.'-

i must have j. irons on the brain because when i saw this beautiful face i thought of jeremy's wife, sinead cusack. sinead is a terrific actress. she comes from a family of actors. katharine kepburn was a fan! she and jeremy have two sons and who knows how many stories they are saving for their autobiographies.

photo: 'augustine'

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nipper said...

unbelievable! charcot and cusack giving life to characters! thinking... should add shazar to that list too.