Tuesday, April 20, 2010

step in the right direction

she may not be able to erase the past but actress jane birkin is making amends. decades ago she co-designed a hand bag (the very famous 'birkin') with the house of hermes. this coveted item can cost as much as sixty grand. though jane got the opportunity to design after claiming that the hermes 'kelly' (after grace) was too heavy, she no longer carries the 'birkin' as it too is not comfortable.

it is nice to learn that to benefit the International Federation of Human Rights in 2009, Jane Birkin herself auctioned off a black calfskin version of the Birkin model, which now holds the world record at (€74,352 or $101,000).

photo: beautiful jane with her 'birkin' and dog, both weighing about the same i imagine.

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