Saturday, March 13, 2010

quite plainly, jane

jane birkin is infamous as well as famous. she is a living icon. why do we adore jane?

some facts: she was the love of composer serge gainsbourg, mother of actress charlotte gainsbourg, singer of sixties shocker whereby she moaned her love to serge, nude scene in 'blow up', and her incredibly gorgeous body. bless the french for embracing her 32 inch chest.

jane has recorded tons of super records. her vocal style is very high and breathes great charm and vulnerability into serge's beautiful songs. with her most recent release, jane wrote her own songs. in interviews she is as unpretentious as her appearance. she may have chopped off her locks and given up wearing see through garments but i trust she still turns every head wherever she enters a room. one aspect of jane's career that is possibly overshadowed by her other talents is her acting. she has 82 screen credits! her film roles began in 1965 with 'the knack (and how to get it)' and she just keeps on making movies.

dear jane, i love your car.

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