Thursday, March 18, 2010

off to a bigger star

'the box tops' recording of 'the letter' has been in 6 films. in 2009 the record was included in the british movie 'the boat that rocked.' it is one of the very few cover songs i have sung. it is just so good. the band's lead singer alex chilton was only a kid (16) when that song was a smash hit. what a cool voice. alex died yesterday. it was hard to take in. when someone makes an appearance into the social consciousness at such a young age, well, they always seem sort of young.
alex's work with 'the box tops' and then later with 'big star' holds nearly the same reverence as 'the velvet underground.' his influence on countless bands is huge.
for pure pleasure listen to 'the box tops' 'neon rainbow' which is easy to find on youtube.

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