Saturday, February 13, 2010

he could sure pick 'em

i love alfred hitchcock's leading men. farley granger, surely one of alfred's faves, was incredibly handsome but somehow steered clear of being trapped by it. while watching him i always have one of those moments where i stop and think, gosh, he is so good looking. it never seems to get in the way of his character. he is great in hitchcock's 'rope.' if he is even better in 'strangers on a train' this may be the reason:

"Rope" is fascinating but wasn't as much fun to make. It was all about the technique of making it, which was extremely difficult.'

regarding 'strangers on train':

'I remember the joy of it. We were completely prepared. There was a smell of success in the air from the very first. Hitchcock knew how good it was and we knew how good it was before we made it. The script was very strong.'

photo of farley zipping up shelly winter's dress: 'My lifelong romance with Shelley was very much a love affair. It evolved into a very complex relationship, and we were close until the day she died.'

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