Sunday, January 17, 2010

for the love of classics

just shy of 60 soundtrack credits, blues musician/writer will dixon's songs are truly timeless. his lyrics from 'back door man': '

'I'm a back back man
The men don't know
But the little girl understand.'

'the doors' brought the message to hit radio and for many years people have nodded their heads to the sentiment. while visiting classic film lovin' blogs, i come across people barely out of their teens who really appreciate old movies. they are buying scrapbooks and going to meet their favorite movie stars. they are heaping praise on talent and not being seduced by mere beauty. it is refreshing to read their views and feel their enthusiasm.

who is in the number one spot for some of these little gals? the gloriously gifted and realistic ingrid bergman.

photos: woman loving willie/music loving ingrid (from the film 'intermezzo' in which ingrid falls for violinist leslie howard)

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nipper said...

ingrid, audrey, grace, and norma, silver screen heroines that planted seeds for those young gals to use and empower their individual assets.