Sunday, January 17, 2010

champagne cocktail

Cristal Brut 1990 ‘Methuselah Priced at £10,720 a bottle ($17,625)
This champagne is a gold labeled bottle and was sold at auction in new york city to an anonmonous bidder in 2005. The bottle holds six litres of champagne. i think i would keep this purchase to myself too.

anyway, genius film director orson welles did not wish to keep his wife, actress rita hayworth, locked away in a cellar. when he chose to make 'lady from shanghai' he felt it would be wise for rita to break away from her famous look in the hopes that the audience would see her in a new light. and light it was. no matter that one may prefer rita as 'gilda', this shade of platinum is really gorgeous. one does not see it these days....

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nipper said...

ms. rita welles-hayworth, an enigma that orson must have treasured like vintage bubbles and platinum guild .
i would hate to know what chemicals/free-radicals were introduced to rita for the price of 'new light'