Monday, November 2, 2009

the right stuff

film greats punching the studio clock from nine to five and sipping sidecars while indulging in spiritual talk on the weekends. gimme more!

The Theosophical Society made its headquarters in Beachwood Canyon in 1911, establishing a utopian community, called Krotona, on ten acres. The Theosophical Society was a cult though unlike most modern cults, it wasn’t organized around a single charismatic leader.
Theosophy was based on Indian Buddhism and included outdoor exercise, vegetarianism, agriculture, music, art and philosophy and appealed to a variety of Hollywood residents, including such actors as Charlie Chaplin.
The actress Mary Astor was connected to the Krotona Colony by virtue of her parents’ purchase–with her money–of Moorcrest, a mansion on Temple Hill Drive that was designed by the prominent Theosophist and amateur architect Marie Russak Hotchener.

sounds awesome!

photos: mary astor/with charlie farrell (could 'twilight' look this hot?)

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