Sunday, November 29, 2009

odd poster

i can't make sense of the french translation of 'the maltese falcon.' here is what i have found:

Le chat m'a donné un coup de griffe. The cat scratched me.

well, i know 'jaune' means yellow. see what i mean? my mind is racing. yellow means coward! griffe means scratch! they discovered the falcon was a fake by scratching at it! still makes no sense. why not just call it 'the maltese falcon' and say it with a french accent? so easy. plus, is that peter lorre in a military suit? when he and bogart tussled with the gun peter was wearing an evening suit from the night before. nonsense aside, i love how the french adore american cinema and keep great old films playing in paris revival houses.

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nipper said...

what a great read to get a good giggle! mr. huston, must have had one scratching flow of ideas. :)