Sunday, November 29, 2009

her testament

i have just read mary astor's autobiography. it seems unkind to say i loved it as her story is full of suffering but i did love it. will i ever look at my favorite actors the same? probably, as it is their job to convince me they are the people they are portraying. however, to know how this particular actress came to her profession (pushed by her parents) and how she dealt with early success and never having to mature (alcohol dependency) is yet again another lesson on life from one who was brave enough to share it.

the process of writing her story was part of therapy she undertook. therefore it kinda has the messy stuff mixed in with mentions of how lovely bette davis was to work with and how much she loved her own children. later in her life she came to the realization that she had not been very good at using her intelligent mind, that she allowed her emotions to make her decisions.

'it doesn't dilute enjoyment to postpone it a minute-instead of grabbing at it like an infant.' wise mary.

mary astor was used by many, beginning with her own parents. one great lesson here is how habitual any treatment we receive becomes. then again, habit is based on emotions, not the intelligence we possess. regarding all the stormy times, she rode them out. lucky for us she also wrote them out.

great photo of mary astor and her children. her daughter is truly her mini me! and look at mary's shoes and socks. and trousers. so chic i want to change my wardrobe.

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nipper said...

i love your recap pal, she sure was a beacon for self-actualization and from the first person to write these events, memories, is worthy of 'sainthood'