Wednesday, October 14, 2009

tall dark and...

last night i was in the original 'shakespeare and company' bookshop. this legendary hideaway is smack across from notre dame cathedral and it is a haven for all of us who only speak english and somewhat of a gathering spot of those who also speak french. every book is in english and the selection is incredible. one can find dusty old treasures among all the new, classic, and interesting titles.
so, there i was, tilted head, scanning the film section. among all the tomes in celebration of the great art form was a slim little volume about gary cooper. my immediate reaction was, 'maybe this is only about 'high noon' or something.' it was very slight. no, it was about his CAREER. i love the gorgeous guy enough (i never had a poster) but i was shocked at the offering. i mean, it's 'coop.' so then i found myself wondering how much there was to actually say about him. look at this photo of him and shirley temple, the child star who saved cinema during the great depression. doesn't she look like she might be thinking, 'do you really imagine i don't UNDERSTAND what you are saying to me?'
please forgive me for being reminded of the saying: 'one makes up in height what one lacks in depth.'