Tuesday, October 13, 2009

takes all kinds

i know director billy wilder had a desire to make us laugh but his most memorable moments are far less than funny. 'sunset boulevard' and 'double indemnity' are not comedies. neither is the great movie 'the apartment.' this wacky little poster is way misleading.
the story is strong, the performances tops, and the particular building is your typical nyc brownstone. shirley and jack come to a great finish in spite of the towering complication set by tall wilder chum fred macmurray. as is said, 'bring out your handkerchiefs.'

photos: city life: paris/lower east side nyc/unknown

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nipper said...

so many sorted stories in these ant- farm- like living dwellings. recalls a geometry theorem in regards to a whole is made up of subsets that intersect the whole. silly analogy but the cubicles in these photos made up the whole shape and finally made sense in a total global way :)