Thursday, October 8, 2009

religious experience

today i stood inside the cathedral saint sulpice which stands in the latin quarter in paris. this is a very grand 13th century house of prayer. i am sure it has had many renovations as the centuries have gone by. it seemed natural to try and breathe as deeply as i could in that immense place that had no windows. then i realized people probably came there during the plague.
god loving souls still come to worship there and as i left i had my mind filled with the grandeur of history and genuflection. then something happened that made me forget it all: catherine deneuve crossed in front of me. just like that! hair nicely coiffed, clothing all black, she smoked her way to a waiting car outside of her apartment building. it was really a thrill. i only lament that i did not stop and get her autograph so that i could post it for you to see. one thousand times i have imagined calling out, 'i love you and your beautiful sister francoise!!

photos: cathedral saint sulpice/the legend deneuve

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nipper said...

how wonderful pal! if she only knew how discipline your stifled coolness gave way to your passive admiration and devotion. i am sure those vibes followed her throughout her day.

happy that you are there to share these happenings. enjoy your time there. xoxxoxo