Friday, October 9, 2009

Léon Morin, prêtre (1961)

even though i like the actor jean paul belmondo, he was not the reason i purchased this film. the magical child actress patricia gozzi is credited as having a role and even if her appearance were only five minutes that is more than enough to justify the purchase. the good news is jean paul is amazing and patricia has several scenes.
this love story of friendship between a young priest and a young mother in a small occupied french town is beautifully simple. jean paul belmondo (born in 1933) has been one of the major stars of french cinema for many decades. the film 'breathless' is a classic and even though 'leon morin' will not be a name many people know, it is a wonderful character played perfectly. for a priest to regularly spend hours alone with a lovely woman (played by emmanuelle riva) in search of faith takes a strong vocation and a sincere heart. it is truly uplifting to see how these two come as close as they do without ever trespassing a vow. patricia is pure joy as the daughter who is sent to live safely in the countryside during the occupation.

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