Thursday, October 22, 2009

duke ellington 1899-1974

if i know someone who moved to nyc just to walk the same streets as ellington, than you may too. the tireless touring man had 173 soundtrack credits, which must have meant great earnings, so it is clear he loved to travel in his own bus with his own buddies. the man comes off as such a supreme gent that i just look the other way regarding his penchant for steak for breakfast.


nipper said...

all i know is when duke said take the A train he was being spiteful, cuz that subway system and its "trains" can confuse a non-city misfit taking in the glitz of nyc.
duke learned that hitting the interstate in a bus and frequenting every exit for the 'waffle house' was the ticket....grizzled 'steak' fried for breakfast!

edward said...

Clearly Pal,you never met the man and really
do not know or understand anything about him.
Perhaps you should look into an anger management program or some sort of educational
course that may broaden your horizons when it comes to Edward Kennedy Ellington.

nipper said...

ouch! edward! have you ever met mr. ellington?
back up and point that finger at yourself because you have never met pal. anger is bottled up in people who like to project that on others and pal has more peace and love in her than anger.