Saturday, September 19, 2009

the singer not the song

versatile actor andy serkis has secured the role of musical charmer ian dury in the upcoming film of dury's life. in the punk days
dury led the parade at stiff records. he was older, wiser, and just so good. i am sure this is going to be highly entertaining and deeply enlightening. it is great news that such a good actor will portray him.

bottom photo: andy serkis (he was soooo good in 'little dorrit')


nipper said...

history always repeats, has a buster keaton aroma and flavor...

Drjohnrock said...

This is great news! I admire those pushing this project for choosing a unique, not-so-obvious person as a subject. Makes me want to get out my old Live Stiffs vinyl and listen to Ian's stuff, as well as his drumming for Wreckless Eric.