Sunday, September 6, 2009

jean with a 'star'

the highly inspired/inspirational cocteau, artist of many mediums, always signed his name followed by a perfect little pointed star. from illustrations to full length features ('beauty and the beast' among others) this man's work is light, lyrical, seductive. it is interesting that this description also applies to 'lolita', another creation that was very inspirational. as there was no way i was gong to dress up as a 12 year old school girl, cocteau won the honors of having a scene from his debut film re-enacted for the record sleeve of my band's debut. both 'slow children' and our second record 'mad about town' were inspired by cocteau.

from the film, 'the blood of a poet'/me as 'poet'

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Kenneth Walsh said...

Always loved this photo. So wonderfully executed!