Friday, September 11, 2009

it's not all black and white

once in a while i actually bow to another's choice regarding a film to watch. i have been happily surprised many a time. as was the case when my sweetheart walked in the door with 'shiloh.' of course i sighed. there was nothing remotely noir about the packaging.
god was smiling on me as the amazing actor michael moriarty played the dad of the kid who rescued the beagle. eventually i shut my mind up about why moriarty was in this. well, beagles are like no other dog on the planet (ask anyone who has/had one) and i have a feeling more than one pup was acting in this role. in keeping with the tradition of tugging at one's heart strings, 'shiloh' does in fact return home in slow mo.

photos: someone's 'shiloh'/our cosmo


nipper said...

i have hurt my mixed beagle/toy fox terriers feelings recently. i keep saying to her 'i want a pocket beagle' not a mixed up beagle' and she looks at me with her sweet brown beagle eyes and tilts her head and paws at my face as if to say....i will try and be a pocket beagle! i love her beagle sassy vocal talk back and constant snuggling up to me where ever i go! beagles are your best buddies ever. Her pseudo name sake is Nipper aka hannah.

pal shazar said...

i did not know you had a beagle mix!