Thursday, September 10, 2009

a different sinead

sinead o'connor, among other gifts, taught us how to pronounce the name correctly. i recently watched a bbc drama called 'north and south.' it was dark and troubled and within all the mire of the industrial town north of london was sinead cusack. although this luminous actress was not the lead, she was a very strong thread tugging between her beloved son and the young woman he desires.
sinead is having a glorious career on stage and screen, both big and small. her long time husband is tall dark and handsome jeremy irons. the cusack family is thespian royalty in ireland.

this woman truly has saucer eyes!

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nipper said...

love the background in this photo. the heart shaped tile with them inside it! how sublime is that? (will block out the cigarette in mr. irons hand) :)