Tuesday, August 18, 2009

tom courtenay

the word 'consistent' may not be the most alluring adjective to describe this actor, but it is appropriate. tom courtenay has never been anything but stellar. from the first time i saw that sourpuss of a face i was addicted, from 1963's 'billy liar' up till now. in 2008 he was one of several incredible actors in a dramatization of charles dickens novel, 'little dorrit.' i can only imagine how it felt for them all to spend 6 months in each other's company. the result: 'little dorrit' is hands down the best dramatization of a novel i have ever seen. it can be purchased or seen in it's entirety on youtube. cast, costumes, characters.... all a dream, with tom as the proud and sorrowful center of the storm.

photos: tom/as 'mr. dorrit'/from 'the loneliness of the long distance runner'

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