Friday, August 14, 2009


meeting photographer robert mapplethorpe was a joy. he was charming, brilliant, and possessed a stoner kind of charisma i had never encountered before. as great admirers of patti smith, my musical partner and i chose him to take the photos for our first american release. i think it was nice that he tried to make us look as alike as possible. look who else looks alike? robert and 'kitten braden.' (stunningly played by cillian murphy in 'breakfast on pluto.'


nipper said...

never knew about robert mapplethorpe until i transplanted myself to cincinnati ohio. he caused a real ruckus here in this 'conservative' homogenous white catholic population. his art was banned and ridiculed by the segregated ignorant 'pious' queen city. how sad...
but negative attention is attention and thank goodness, robert did make a mark here because his popular cause showcased the 'negative' effects that our fundamental straight and narrow bigotry sect has on our good old us of a.
his art and photos showcased the response, ignorance, and rigid ways a society can dictate bias on indifference or artful minded images to support a justification of stupidity.

pal shazar said...

you rock, sherry!