Friday, August 14, 2009

brock peters

films are funny in the way they take root in your mind and curl up there, ready to pounce upon your thoughts without provocation. there i was, walking my dog and all of a sudden i am hearing, 'i did not, sir!'
in 1962 i was taken to the theatre to see 'to kill a mockingbird' but i fell asleep. not enough chocolate, i suppose. over the years i made up for it by seeing the film many times. the list of it's attributes is long but the strongest voice for me is that of prisoner 'tom robinson.' falsely accused, he sits 100 feet tall next to his lawyer played by gregory peck. all of the injustice in this world seems to be staring him in the face as he proclaims, 'i did not, sir!'
brock peters was born in 1927 in nyc to alma and sonnie. he had a wonderful career in television and films with a total of 119 credits to his name.

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