Saturday, July 11, 2009

what's not to love?

that is an expression my mom use to use. today, in the world of fashion, the question goes more like, 'yea or nay?' i have seen actress sienna miller in only one film. it was called 'casanova' and even though it starred both heath ledger and jeremy irons it was not so great. sienna was not so great. as i am not an actress i cannot judge her skill. she seems sincere but since 'casanova' i have not gone past watching trailers of her movies. sienna and my guy cillian have made two films together which have yet to be released here in the states. i fear they both wear wigs in one. however, as i look at the bottom photo here (with steve buscemi) i get the feeling that aside from being super pretty, sienna is also a super fun chum.

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