Saturday, July 11, 2009

georgia on his mind

two artists in love makes for a very good story. later this year a movie about the relationship of georgia o'keeffe and alfred stieglitz will hit the small screen. the casting seems perfect. jeremy irons will have his hands full portraying a man who was both gallerist and photographer, lover and socialist. given that he resembles the handsome stieglitz i have no doubt he will be superb. joan allen, an actress of high esteem, will play georgia.

i have held close the dream of a long life spent painting away, far from the madding crowd. o'keeffe (1887-1986) has been my role model in many ways. photos of her later years captured a gaunt woman wearing beautifully draped black clothes with elegance. the extraordinary blue skies of new mexico provided a heaven over earth for her penetrating vision to thrive beneath. till her eyesight began to fail in the early 1970's she painted masterworks that have been appreciated all over the world. she died just shy of 100 years of age and was blessed with much praise and success during most of her life. she was a loner and a wife, a painter and a muse.

alfred stieglitz was an early champion of georgia's paintings. he exhibited her work in his nyc gallery and in time their deep connection led him to divorce his wife and marry georgia. he did gorgeous photographs of her, capturing her fine bone structure and blessedly unglamorous beauty. his images of her hands are stunning. this legendary couple have left behind not only great works of art but also paths for others to follow, whether they be artists or seekers of purity and truth.

top: alfred and georgia. photograph of georgia by alfred

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