Tuesday, July 21, 2009


for me the chanteuse exists only in france. it consists of a sweet voice delivering ballads that evoke cafe's and dim lights. years ago singer/actress vanessa paradis had worked with the great songwriter serge gainsbourg. alas, he is gone but she is smart enough to work with those who learned from him. her new cd 'divinidylle' has an impossibly catchy title track. however, it is a song deep into the record that really moved me. it is called 'junior suite' and is very beautiful.

a junior suite is a small hotel room with an attached living room. the very best sort in case of un petit argument.

images: vanessa/ painting by her fella johnny depp


nipper said...

johnny and vanessa are the modern day living souls of musique and chanteuse. postmodern artists in the vein of jean cocteau and edith piaf. great painting by johnny.

nipper said...

only became educated about mr. cocteau and ms. piaf from pal's historical blog tutorials ... i cheat with 'dummies for film noir and kitchen sink drama' via pal's historical blogs. blogs and kisses. s.