Tuesday, July 21, 2009

happiness is a warm....book

hold on to your hats, jack kerouac lovers. a film of jack's great legacy of literature, 'on the road' is gonna be made into a film. this book that he 'typed' into existence and delivered to his publisher on one huge roll of paper is about to reach yet another generation. how wise a choice to cast sam riley as the handsome and uncompromising writer who both pleased and pissed off a lot of people.
watching kerouac read his poetry on the hugely popular steve allen show was one of the rare times i wanted to put my foot through the screen and into the face of the disrespectful host. i felt so bad for jack. well, he has been long gone and his resurrection is coming. sam riley was exceptional as singer ian curtis in the film, 'control.' fingers crossed.

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nipper said...

ouch! pal, i am glad that scenario was just a shoot from the hip remark.
there is no way i could see you kicking out the front of a t.v when...
a. you don't own a t.v. and b. you would not jeopardize slivers or chards of glass that cosmo or kareem might step on. :)

love the projection though, healthy!