Monday, July 13, 2009

a life of crime

the great richard attenborough was born in 1923. one of my special faves, 1964's 'seance on a wet afternoon' (a rare film due to actress kim stanley's few film roles) co-stars richard as a willing partner in a disturbed wife's scheme. he was awesome as the weak and lost soulmate to her 'psycho tuna.'
in 1947 richard starred as a young criminal in one of writer graham greene's best books, 'brighton rock.' amazing to think that the title actually refers to a stick of candy that one sucks till it reveals the letters 'brighton rock' beneath all the cavity inducing fun. as 'pinkie brown' richard became the stuff of which the character was made: seriously inexperienced, sexually unawake, and absolutely game for hurting everyone on his way to adulthood.
rarely is a film version as good as a great book but sometimes all it takes is a great performer to help you forget what gets left out.

photo: that is one straight razor.

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