Monday, July 13, 2009

graham greene 1904-1991

this man has written so many incredible novels. some of them are beyond me (political), but others are exactly what i live to read. two of my favorites are 'brighton rock' and 'end of the affair.' both of them were made into films. i read that his books are 'parables of the damned.' praise indeed!

look at all the films based on his brilliant novels:

the third man
brighton rock
fallen idol
travels with my aunt
ministry of fear
the end of the affair (twice!)

and these are just the ones i am familiar with. The 'splinter of ice in the heart' which novelist Graham Greene said was essential for the true writer helps keep sentimentality at bay, i suppose. i am ever grateful for his work.

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nipper said...

thanks for the education pal, i thought there was only one graham greene, the native american actor.